What Is BerryHart?

What is BerryHart and why homeowners need it

BerryHart is a membership service that is focused on giving homeowners access to resources that protect the value of your home.  Your home is a wealth asset and BerryHart is designed to empower homeowners with resources and strategies to preserve and improve the home’s value and be more liveable.   BerryHart is about asset protection.

As a homeowner:  How do you maintain your home?

  • Do you understand what needs to be maintained and when?
  • Do you know what professionals are best to hire?
  • Have your appliances and systems been researched for recalls?
  • Are there safety items that need attention?
  • Are you considering selling and want to maximize your home value when you go on the market?

Asset protection refers to strategies used to guard one’s wealth from taxation, seizure, or other losses. Your home is a wealth asset. BerryHart is a service designed to provide resources and strategies to a homeowner to protect and/or improve the home’s value.

Conditions change to a home as time passes. In most cases, if the condition of the home change is discovered early, the cost to correct is significantly less.

BerryHart asset protection is centralized with resources, information and services to make homeownership more convenient, more efficient and less stressful. By bundling these services there is a cost advantage to the homeowner.
Depending on membership level, these services include: (in alphabetical order)

BerryHart Contractor Quality Assurance Concierge

A review of contractor repair/replacement quotes, number of quote reviews based on membership level.

BarryHart Pride of Ownership Electronic Binder

An online home management application that helps homeowners manage maintenance tasks, track repair bills and much more!

Complete Property Condition Evaluation

Periodic property condition evaluations depending on membership category, including but not limited to safety issues.

Energy Score

A Department of Energy Home Energy score is issued.

Home Seller Program

Maximizing your home's value for sale.

Appliance Recall Reports

Monthly email notification that a registered appliance has a recall.

Video Library

Safety, Good to Know, Save Money.

Warranty Protections from Date of Condition Evaluation

5 Year Roof Protection, 1 Year Structural Warranty, Limited Mechanical (90 Days), SewerGard (90 Days).

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