Frequently Asked Questions

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What is BerryHart- Homeowner Resource Partners?

Your home is an asset that needs routine maintenance and a watchful eye to observe and act to protect your investment. As owners of award winning home inspection companies, we are reporting daily on failing home systems, costly deferred maintenance and unidentified safety issues. The failure to identify and correct decreases the value of your investment and may put the homes inhabitants at risk. The BerryHart partnership creates a relationship designed to improve or maintain your homes value through a centralized management platform. Depending on your level of partnership determines how often we have a professional in-person home evaluation performed by a vetted professional. In addition to the on-site evaluation there are numerous benefits to the partnership.

What is the difference between BerryHart and others?

The BerryHart partnership isn’t a service designed to create a list of to-do projects in order to sell additional services. Or a we find it, we fix it and send you the bill. Quite the opposite, our goal is to protect your asset by identifying preventive repairs (that cost little today but thousands if left uncorrected), identifying safety issues that are harmful, and provide a system to track and provide a trusted resource of information.

Who performs the on-site evaluation?

A local vetted condition specialist with years of experience identifying needed repairs, system condition and safety issues.

What is an Appliance Recall Report?

An Appliance Recall Report is a BerryHart partnership benefit. Appliance information for your property is submitted to a database for appliance recalls through a number of means depending which is most appropriate. Once submitted, the manufacturer and model of your appliance is matched by computer against millions of recalls. In the event of a recall, you will receive a report including the nature of the recall, how to remedy the defect and how to get the appliance repaired or replaced in most cases- absolutely free.

What if I need a contractor?

If you need a contractor, we offer an evaluation of the contractors scope of work and the associated cost to perform the service as a benefit to your partnership. We know that the contractors scope of work may be different from one contractor to another, as well as the associated costs.

What is the difference between BerryHart and local services?

Experience, an array of benefits and a national recognized partnership. When you decide to sell your home, your partnership will bring peace of mind to potential buyers. How? If you’ve used the centralized management system and corrected the identified issues from the site evaluations, you will be able to provide a detailed disclosure of your homes condition and maintenance records (pride of ownership proof). You'll be able to use your BerryHart partnership as a marketing tool since BerryHart is a national recognized partner.

What is a centralized management platform?

BerryHart provides education in a digital self serve format, engagement through on-site evaluations and scope of work reviews, and an electronic storage area for pride of ownership documentation.

What is the contract commitment?

The BarryHart partnership is a month to month subscription service. The cost of the subscription is based on the level of desired services.
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